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All our wines are red wines exclusively from the grape variety Tempranillo, which is also the main grape of the area. Our production is limited and protected by the Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero, the entity in charge of controlling the production and bottling of wines. The counter-label guarantees the origin and quality.


It is a wine with 36 months of aging between barrel and bottle, fulfilling a minimum of 12 months in barrel. It reaches the market three years after the harvest year.

Color: Of slow chromatic evolution and intense layer, the tones vary from garnet red to ruby red. Scent: Intense and elegant. It has deep aromas of overripe and candied fruit combined with others such as leather, musks, minerals and balsamic. Taste: Powerful and balanced, it is broad and robust in the mouth. Long and persistent path that enhances the aromas of aging.


A wine that has remained at least 12 months in oak barrels and will first be available from October and forth a year after the harvest

Color: Presents colors that evolve from a deep intense cherry to red cherry. Highlights in violet tones in thin layer that which add a touch of freshness. Scent: On top of an intense fruit base the aromas are combined with the nuances of noble wood, spicy vanilla, liquorice and clove. Taste: A round and intense. A wine that has a silky and harmonic feel with balanced tannins and a long taste.


Wine that has rested in wooden barrels for less than 12 months.

Color: It shows a very intense cherry red with a violet touch. Light ruby shades, with deep color intensity. Scent: intense and clean aromas, with a touch of spices and berries. (blueberry, blackberry …). Flavor: Broad and full of flavors. It offers a silky and harmonic feel with balanced tannins and a long taste.


Wine that has not been on wood. It reaches the market a few months after the harvest.

Color: A very intense cherry red with violet edges. Scent:Characteristic Ribera del Duero aroma combined with aromas of ripe fruit and wild berries (blackberry, raspberry, …).Flavor: Soft and round with a hint of freshness. Deep and persistent.